Matte Painter

Key Features
``the beauty of matte painting is that you become god`` (alfred hitchcock)

Matte painting is a discipline as old as cinema, an art that has transformed following the evolution of technology. With matte paintings, scenographies are created that would otherwise be too expensive or too complex if not impossible. Epic backgrounds, breathtaking panoramic views, valleys in Middle-earth, inaccessible castles, futuristic cities of a galaxy far, far away.

Where the scenography stops, where the location sets limits, matte painting offers backgrounds that are photorealistic and highly expressive at the same time.

If a hundred years ago the matte painters painted on glass, today they use software and hardware that are the industry standard while keeping alive the pictorial eye and the skills of geometry, color theory and perspective.

The applications of matte painting range from cinema to TV series, from primetime shows to live shows, from camera mapping events to videogames.