Key Features
By pencil, by vectors, always by hand

I drew my whole life. I have studied Fine Arts in a Fine Arts High School of Rome and then I studied architecture.

As an architect and as an illustrator who love cinema, I’ve found Matte Painting very close to my nature since it is a job that asks you to be precise with an artistic point of view.

I love realistic drawings full of details. I am satisfied when my brother watches a visual effect with a matte of mine and asks: “Fine, but… What did you exactly did?”

I feel very lucky to make a job who puts painting in cinema – two kinds of art I love.

Photoshop is my “latest pencil”. It is a wonderful tool that enables me to paint with a larger range of possibilities; yet, I don’t consider it a goal. I sometimes start a digital paint drawing a rough concept, and it is wonderful to return to real brushes and pencils.

As a matte painter, I use simple CG elements made with Sketchup or Maya to paint complex objects. As an illustrator, I can draw with traditional techniques – pencils, charcoal, brushes – as well as with vector grahics and a digital tablet.

I am meticulous. I love learning. And I am still looking for another incredible, magic, “latest pencil”.